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The Road That Brings You Home CD

Broken Record Records, LLC

“This is a wonderful project of original material from Jim and Lynna Woolsey. Written in a modern bluegrass style with a traditional edge, these songs could be welcome additions to anyone’s repertoire”.

 “This collection of family stories and true emotions mixed with the grit of life are sure to become a favorite of many.”






“This is good writing and good music. If you’re far from their southern Indiana home you may never get to see them in person, but you owe it to yourself to hear this CD.”

The Lonesome Road Review, Larry Stephens 2014

41/2 stars out of 5


The Lonesome Road Review

Bluegrass, Americana, and everything else that sounds good





“The twelve tracks here all have a strong contemporary bluegrass flavor, and feature solid writing and musicianship.”

“This is a fine debut from two talented artists. Though this is Jim and Lynna’s first foray into the national bluegrass scene together, their songs are sure to gain them notice.”

Bluegrass Today, John Goad, June 2014





“Musically, Road hovers between bluegrass and older rural styles, including authentic folk music. It's also touchingly sincere.”

“I don't know how many songs have been written around the title "Runaway Train" -- a fair number, I imagine; the late John Stewart's was a hit for Rosanne Cash in 1988 -- and there's one here. It just happens to be better than most of the rest. It ought to be a bluegrass standard.”






“You understand it all: this CD is a must for bluegrass fans. Beautiful instrumentation, great songs, beautiful voices, very bluegrass! Nearly 50 minutes top class bluegrass. A nice surprise!”

Dutch Review from the Netherlands-Real Roots Music Cafe`






"The Road That Brings You Home" impresses with first-class, craft work. With increasing length of the game creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. The individual songs reverberate too due to its contents. Both performers sing alternate – you can hear decades of experience. You know what's important. It was at the time that Jim & Lynna Woolsey have finally made an album and not just the live audience at their magnificent songs share. Please more of it.

Review from Germany, COUNTRY.DE




 If thisis a debut,how will their next album sound like?  One thing is for certain: Jim and Lynna are talented singer-songwriters combination and they know how to bring a good story.  Brillant numbers across the whole album and please:  Do not touch the fast-forward button... We really look forward to their next album.  Concert promotors, if you are looking for an outstanding act then Jim and Lynna is your next choice.“

Alfons Maes, Keys and Chords





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214: The Road That Brings You Home, Jim And Lynna Woolsey [Broken Record, 3/14] (68)



Americana Rhythm Music Magazine #68




ITunes Podcast featuring Bluegrass Singer-Songwriter power couple Jim & Lynna Woolsey, chatting with Americana Rhythm Magazine.



Woolsey Promo on YouTube



Country Music Minds' 2016 Song of The Year Candidates


"Freedom"  Top TEN 2016

Bluegrass Today

The Indiana husband-and-wife duo are bluegrass singers and songwriters with a knack for a great song and a flair for a bluesy groove. Both are strong vocalists with Jim especially possessed of a distinctive voice that should become familiar as bluegrass radio learns more about their latest release, Heart and Soul, Blood and Bone.     ~John Lawless, Bluegrass Today


Bluegrass Unlimited

"Jim and Lynna have, again, shown how good songwriting, good music, and good presentation can make for a really nice project!"


The Lonesome Road Review

Bluegrass, Americana, and everything else that sounds good

"Woolsey is one of those talented people who consistently write excellent songs in melody and lyrics. There are no cuts where you hit the skip–ahead button. The pair write from the heart."   ~Larry Stephens



The Musical Divide

"Husband and wife duo, Jim and Lynna Woolsey, a Bluegrass act that retains the glorious richness of traditional bluegrass. "

"Their newest album, Heart and Soul, Blood and Bone is only their sophomore release, however both Jim and Lynna have been surrounded by music all their life. After sitting down and really digging into their latest album, I think I’m going to have to cover more bluegrass music folks. This is an excellent album. "

" Vocally, both Jim and Lynna have the ability to evoke a lot of passion into their works. I can’t find the words to express how much Lynna’s vocals on “Last Train Out” really bring out the gut punching effect this song carries."



Seven New(ish) Bluegrass Acts To Watch Out For

"Of all the Bluegrass music I’ve covered in my two years of blogging, no album hits me harder than Jim and Lynna Woolsey’s Heart and Soul, Blood and Bone album from last year. It even came in at #7 on my favorite albums of 2016 list overall! Now, as a duo, the husband and wife duo have only released two albums thus far."


REVIEWS on Long AGO 2019


“In this music video for Tennessee Memories and California Wine, you can hear all aspects of Jim’s musical background, delivered in his rich baritone voice. “

~John Lawless


“The video showcases the world-class instrumentation and tight harmonies of the duo. The lyrics highlight a ‘deadly combination’ of combining two opposing forces, which songwriter Jim Woosley perfectly captures. “


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