Jim & Lynna Woolsey


Jim and Lynna Woolsey Singer-Songwriters.

Album RELEASE March 29th, 2014

Jim and Lynna Woolsey have made a beautiful recording. Debuting their thoughts, family stories, honest emotions, true grit and heart, they tell the tales a few minutes at a time. A few minutes is all it takes to fall in love with their music.
— Randy Kohrs
Jim and Lynna Woolsey are two of my favorite songwriters and singers-and a vital part of the Woodsong Farm Writers Community for two years. They have more than talent and determination. They have that magical quality of being tuned in to real life, attention to the small stuff, and open heartedness that makes for great songs, and great friends.
— Louisa Branscomb, performer, instructor; Grammy-winning composer. Founder, Director Woodsong Farm Songwriter Retreat

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