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Jim and Lynna Woolsey Singer-Songwriters.

Heart And Soul, Blood And Bone


August 4th, 2016

 Heart And Soul, Blood And Bone – Jim and Lynna Woolsey

Heart And Soul, Blood And Bone – Jim and Lynna Woolsey

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Jim and Lynna have been music icons in southwest Indiana since I was a kid. Their songwriting and performing have shaped the musical landscape for those of us growing up there. Whether they were playing with the Patoka Valley Boys or sharing their music across the US, their contribution is undeniable and appreciated. Heart and Soul, Blood and Bone is the latest installment from this husband-wife duo. The songwriting, musical creativity, guest artists and performances of these original songs is refreshing and powerful. Randy Kohrs, Mark Fain, Tim Crouch and myself threw in our musical hats to help with this experience. I count it a privilege to play on and produce this project. They aren’t just great musicians, they are friends. I hope you enjoy the journey you’re about to take with Jim and Lynna as much as I do.
— Mike Sumner
Jim and Lynna Woolsey are two of my favorite songwriters and singers-and a vital part of the Woodsong Farm Writers Community for two years. They have more than talent and determination. They have that magical quality of being tuned in to real life, attention to the small stuff, and open heartedness that makes for great songs, and great friends.
— Louisa Branscomb, performer, instructor; Grammy-winning composer. Founder, Director Woodsong Farm Songwriter Retreat

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